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Gigabyte W332-Z00 İş İstasyonu

AMD Ryzen™ Kule Tipi Giriş Seviyesi İş İstasyonu

  • AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Serisi İşlemciler
  • Çift Kanallı ECC / ECC Olmayan DDR5 Tamponsuz DIMM, 4 DIMM
  • Realtek® DASH Uzaktan Yönetim
  • Realtek® 2.5GbE LAN ve GbE DASH LAN
  • PCIe Gen5 Ready x16 yuvası ve M.2 yuvası
  • Arka HDMI / DP Desteği
  • 2 adete kadar 3,5” HDD yuvası ve 2 adet M.2 yuvası
  • 500W 80 PLUS Bronze tekli güç kaynağı



Memory Support

  • 4 unbuffered DIMMs memory socket with 2-Channel
  • ECC/Non-ECC; DDR5 support
  • Up to 5200MHz for 1DPC; up to 3600MHz for 2DPC

PCIe 5.0 Ready Design

MC13-NB0 equips several new components to ensure the best PCIe 5.0 signal quality, including PCB, PCIe Slots, M.2 Connectors, Re-drivers, Switches that are specifically designed for PCIe 5.0.

There will be no compromised on PCIe 5.0 performance on PCIe and M.2 interface.

Value-added Management

Realtek GbE NIC with DASH capabilities

Built with a Realtek GbE NIC with DASH capabilities can utilize the easy-to-use Realtek Remote Management Console that employs DASH standards to manage and monitor client devices. Use of this in-band and out-of-band management allows IT admins the ability to access the device whether it is powered on or off, over the network. The DASH based tool can handle such tasks:

  • Power state settings (on, off, restart, hibernate, or sleep)
  • View hardware, firmware or BIOS versions
  • Retrieve system health status
  • USB device and image files redirection
  • Boot device selection
  • View event logs
  • Apply updates and security patches
  • Text console redirection
  • Software KVM

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Gigabyte Enterprise

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2.5", 3.5"

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